• Glyfer 360 - 5L + 1.5L Sprayer

Glyfer 360 - 5L

360g Glyphosate weed killer + 1.5L Sprayer


A professional strength 360g Glyphosate weed killer. This is a foliar applied trans-located herbicide for the control of emerged weeds in industrial situations, forestry and aquatic areas. 


Glyfer is non-selective and non-residual, it offers complete weed control in a wide range of conditions.
It is a contact-only herbicide, controlling weeds present at the time of application but not subsequent germination of weeds. 

Key benefits: 

  • Excellent performance - super strength weed killer
  • Non-selective, non-residual 
  • Flexible application rates 
  • Kills most weeds and plant materials
  • Systemic activity gives effective control of roots, shoots and leaves 

Application Rate:

24ml per 1L of Water through a knapsack sprayer.

PA6 knapsack qualification needed to apply.

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Glyfer 360 - 5L + 1.5L Sprayer

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