• Insecto Flea Kit Spray Plus Midi Smokers

Flea Killer + 4 Midi Smoke Bombs

Up to 4000m³ of coverage

Effective solution for pest control, this kit provides all that is needed
to neutralise and control unwanted Fleas. This kit includes one 500ml
ready to use spray for direct application and 4 Insecto Midi smoke bombs
which combined can cover upto 4000m³ of air space. Providing full coverage
of the home and more.  


Insecto Midi Smoke Bomb - Containing the active
ingredient Permethrin. Simply light the non-sparking wick, smoke
fumes will work their way into all nooks and crannies killing all flying
and crawling insects in treated area. Read the label before use,
allow minimum of two hours before ventilating the area well.

Flea Killer Many pet owners experience an issue with fleas and the new Insecto flea killer will help resolve their infestation. Formulated with a long residual active which is very important in flea control! It will target both the adult and once the eggs hatch a couple of weeks later the strong residual formulation will ensure that the larvae are targeted too. 

  • Targeted fast and effective control of Fleas
  • Combines quick control with residual that will control for days

* This Spray is NOT for direct application to animals.

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Insecto Flea Kit Spray Plus Midi Smokers

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